Cripplegate Photography Society

Thanks to the good people of the  Cripplegate photo society who let me come and talk to them at the Barbican last night about architectural photography.


About meltintoair

Photographer, mainly of spaces and places
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5 Responses to Cripplegate Photography Society

  1. Alan Tucker says:

    I was there, and this was really good. You were an inspiration, thank you Andy.

  2. Kerr Hodge says:

    I too was at this event and really enjoyed it – well done to Andy for a great evening.

  3. Jerry Shoolbred says:

    A very interesting talk, and some stunning pictures! True Alan T. very inspirational!
    I loved the “blur” humans to the buildings too!
    Thank you Andy, for a very inciteful & entertaining evening.

  4. Hi Andy, really enjoyed the talk and the pictures too. I really want one of the shed dining room thingys now.

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